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Totem Compass

Totem Compass

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Friend-Finding Compass for Music Festivals

  • Track your friends' directional headings in real-time
  • No cell service, wifi, bluetooth, or app required
  • Send "SOS" alert that asks friends to find you
  • Pair with up to 4 other Totem Compasses
  • Beautiful sound-reactive light displays




How It Works

Totem Compasses use GNSS to determine their locations, and then leverage our Unity Mesh Network to send data to each other without any cell service, wifi, or app.

Our software uses that data to determine the directional heading of your friends, and then guides you in their direction using a ring of pretty lights.



When the Totem isn't actively being used to find your friends, it automatically enters Vibe Mode—displaying beautiful lighting animations in-time with the music.




The max range between any two compasses is 500-1000 meters, but our Unity Mesh Network extends that range indefinitely for all compasses in the area, regardless of whether they are part of your group.



Battery Life 

The Totem Compass has a rechargeable battery that lasts longer than your phone. A full charge gives you 24-36+ hours of life, and the compass charges quickly via USB-C.




50mm X 15mm (2" X 0.59") — about the size of a doublestuf Oreo.



35g (1.23oz) — lighter than 2 AA batteries.




The Totem Compass is built for music festivals, no need to worry. It's 100% waterproof (not just water-resistant) and 100% dust-proof. It also floats in water (crystal-side up) due to its low-density.




It is expected to ship in June. We will do our best to prioritize ship date based your next planned festival.

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